Directed by Ruslan Kudashov
BTK theatre
About perfomance
The most controversial, mysterious and poetic part of the Old Testament is not a staged retelling of the story of King Solomon and his beloved. Rather it is a study in metaphysics of love in which we intuitively follow the path of two people who create each other out of their love, becoming Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliette, or Pierrot and Colombina along the way. This «sequence of dreams» about love becomes the stuff of flesh and blood on stage with the help of movements and visions, people, objects and puppets. It is designed for an associative, sensual perception of a viewer prepared to open up to an irrational flow of images and feelings.

The performance was inspired by the movie «The colour of pomegranate» by Sergey Paradzhanov.
"We don't give you any interpretation of the understanding of "The Song of Songs". Our work may be characterized as an attempt to "translate" this greatest composition about love. The aim of our research was not so much edification, preaching, following the story, it is not a search of expressive images and languages, but an attempt to become a part of the comprehensive qualities of love: from the rampant human's passion to the universal and creative of worlds. We create our own unique mythology which is based at the level of personal intrusion of authors. Perhaps, it is disputable, but it belongs to the performance this time and this place only. This work got out of the control and it began to form authors and the law for itself".

Ruslan Kudashov
He - Anatoly Guschin
She – Anna Donchenko
Love - Vassilissa Ruchimskaya
Gardener -  Roman Dadayev
Crone - Maria Batrasova
Shepherd - Dennis Kazachuk
Weavers - Anastassia Gritsay, Mikhail Lozhkin, Maria Sumarokova, Dmitry Chupakhin
Readers - Ales Snopkovsky, Ivan Solntsev
Duration: 110 min.
Technique: Visual theatre
Language: Without words
Target audience: 16+

The film «The Song of Songs» in Georgia
  • Director Ruslan Kudashov was nominated on the prestigious award « TOP-50: The most famous people in Saint-Petersburg».
  • Actors and artist Marina Zavyalova won the St. Petersburg State Youth Award in the field of art for creation the The Old Tastement trilogy.
  • "GIFT" (Georgia,Tbilisi)
  • "BTK-fest: Contemporary puppet theatre» (Russia, St. Petersburg)
  • «Tallinn TREFF» (Estonia, Tallinn)
BTK theatre

BTK theatre has turned 85 this year, but is young at heart, ready to continue its search for the new ways in art and fight against the stereotypes stuck to puppetry. The repertoire includes a variety of shows, for both children and adults, classical and experimental, puppet and live-action, physical and musical, from The Round Little Bun to William Shakespeare. Ruslan Kudashov, the Chief Director of BTK since 2006, is a multiple winner of various prizes and festivals, the Golden Mask National Theatre Prize, The Golden Spotlight, the St. Petersburg Theatre Prize, Harlequin, the National Prize for Children's Art, among others. BTK's mission, as formulated by Kudashov, is: "Taking part in creating a living modern language of visual theatre, based on the constant factor of the timeless moral laws; advocating the subjectivity of an artist, uniqueness of a personality; maintaining loyalty to the art of puppetry; and teaching faith, tolerance, and love".
About director:

Ruslan Kudashov has graduated the Theatre Academy in St.Petersburg in 2001 and immediately has formed his own theatrical group «Potudan». It was named after the first performance, based on the story «River Potudan», written by Andrey Platonov. The second play of the group was «Nevsky Prospect» by Nikolay Gogol. It won the most prestigious Russian award «The Golden Mask». For the last ten years R. Kudashov has staged more than 40 performances in different countries and theatres. Among them are puppet plays, pantomimes, plastic and dramatic works. R. Kudashov has the reputation of philosophically – minded director, who speaks metaphoric language.


GROUP: 22 persons
Transportation of the set: Truck 6.0*2.2*2.2 – 2300 kg

Pro-scenium opening: Width – 7.60 m. Height – 3.920 m.

The proscenium: Depth – 2.717 m. Length – 12.280 m

Stage: Depth (till the opening in backstage) –12 m.
max point lifting of stage pipes– 5.500 m.
In the 3d plan we need a pipe, that is allowed to hang a person (girl, 60 kg).
Ability to be screwed through the stage floor

AUDIENCE SEATING: 200 – 1000 people.

Miniprofile 300 Wt – 8
Profile ETC 50 degrees – 18
Profile ETC 26 degrees – 2
Profile ETC 36 degrees – 4
PC1200 – 24
PAR ETC – 17
Pinspot 8 degrees – 1
Pinspot 4 degrees – 13
PC650 – 6
ЕТС Jr – 3
Robe Spot 575 – 2
Ventilator DMX – 3
Generator of smoke DMX – 1
Hazer DMX – 2
Panel desk– Compulite Spark 4D or Spark Top
Regulating switchings not less than 86
DMX-exit on the stage floor not less than 2
Enough commutation
1. macbook with ableton live 8 or 9 version
2. Akai apc 40 controller
3. t.c.electronic m-one effects processor
4. 4 wireless microphones (lapel)
5. 2 condenser microphones
6. 2 portal speakers ,2 speakers on stage

Building time 12 hours
Striking 3 hours

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Nataly Sergeevskaya: +7 (904) 516-75-70
+7 (812) 273-55-44
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